Asset Management Services

Catapult’s capabilities include providing asset management services to federal agencies, municipalities and commercial industry customers.  We promote a management systems approach, linking asset management to our customer’s entire enterprise. Our solutions expertise will provide more than just an understanding of asset management policy.  We will customize a solution that will ensure a measurable return on investment as well as operational performance.  As the implementation of new international standards continue to evolve, such as Building Information Modeling and ISO 55000, Catapult’s team of subject matter experts will ensure our customers are compliant and able to optimize all the benefits associated with an integrated asset management system.


Catapult is ready to leverage the latest asset management methodologies, technologies and industry subject matter expertise as part of our solution. We specialize in service-based technology solutions and strategic advisory consulting services designed to leverage your existing data, incorporate asset visualization and lifecycle management technology as well as add mobile accessibility and superior management of all assets across the enterprise. Our solutions will significantly improve operational performance, reduce operational risk and security threats and improve overall cost efficiencies producing a measurable return on your investment.

 Catapult offers expertise in the following areas