Cyber Security

New cyber threats emerge daily, which continuously impacts the cyber defense landscape.  We understand that each federal agency has its own priorities and challenges, but are united in pursing effective solutions to secure our nation’s most vital data.  Our services-based approach will provide access to the greatest level of expertise available, no matter the cyber defense technology deployed in your environment, ensuring a complete cyber security solution.

Our technologists will leverage your technology to achieve its optimal performance, ensuring adherence to latest compliance standards, with an overall goal of lowering risk and maximizing return on investment. As part of our service-based solution, we provide technicians, analysts, engineers, architects and project managers that will work in collaboration with your internal staff to ensure cybersecurity mission objectives are being achieved.  The range of our capabilities extends from secure data center operational support to completing assessments to designing new architectures.  We are dedicated to ensuring the security of your enterprise.

 Catapult offers expertise in the following areas.